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Sir (or ma'am) I understand that I will get exactly what I see in your pictures,...THAT wasn't my question. From your "pictures" it looks as though the rolex replica watch is more for "ladies" as it appears to have a VERY small bracelet. I am asking you if this rolex replica watch is the SAME SIZE as that of a MAN'S genuine Rolext ? Yes or no? I am asking for you to put that in writing here for....Because if I order the rolex replica watch, ...and it comes in SMALLER. Thank you for your quick response, I understand Item # 8605 as well as 8179 are BOTH for "men." The rolex replica watches "appear" in the photos to be very "small" in size. Am I simply imagining this? The rolex replica watch I am wanting to buy...I want the rolex replica watch to be the same exact SIZE as a genuine Rolex Presedental Model for MEN.

Disappointed to hear the rolex replica watch is out of stock and no longer in production. The first choice replacement I have decided upon is this black dial rolex replica watch. The second choice of replacement is the blue dial rolex replica watch. Should neither of these be available I will have to rethink my choice further, and if needs be, which I don't want to do get a cheaper rolex replica watch and be refunded the difference. Hope to hear from you soon with the outcome.

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The rolex replica uk watch I received does not work at all. Therefore I would like a full refund so please advise of return details as per my original email. The rolex replica uk watch was bought as a present which I was not able to give as it is faulty.